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Can I change or cancel my order? Details
    As soon as your order is confirmed, we are processing it! Unfortunately this means we will be...
Can I mix F&W Paris products? Details
    We don't recommend mixing our products because it will loose on effectiveness.
Can I return my parcel? Details
    The cancellation period expires fourteen (14) days after the day the customer, or a third party...
Can I use F&W products during pregnancy? Details
    No, we donít recommend using F&W brightening products during pregnancy or while nursing. If you...
Does all your products are brightening? Details
    No, in order to offer a complete beauty routine, F&W also offer hygiene products (shower gels,...
Does F&W products contains hydroquinone or non-authorized ingredients? Details
    F&W Paris beauty care products comply with current cosmetics legislation in Europe. The products...
How do I recognize an authentic product from a counterfeit? Details
    All F&W Paris products sold on are 100% genuine products. All the pictures on the...
How fast can I expect to see results? Details
    Results will depend on your beauty routine and skin type. It usually takes a minimum of 28 days...
How fast can I get my order? Details
    Delivery time will depend on the carrier and the shipping country. An estimated time is shown prior...
How soon will I receive my order? Details
    You can track your order from your customer account in the section ďTrack OrdersĒ. But also, by...
I canít access to my account Details
    If you have forgot your password, please select ďForgot your password?Ē and follow the steps to...
I havenít received my parcel, why? Details
    We invite you to check the carrier you have selected. You will receive a delivery date estimation...
I live in Canada, how can I receive F&W Paris products? Details
    Unfortunately, we donít ship to Canada from, you can contact our US...
I live in the USA, how can I receive F&W Paris products? Details
    Unfortunately, we donít ship to USA from, you can place an order on our US...
I live outside Europe, how can I receive F&W Paris products? Details only ship to Europe. We donít offer international shipping.
I would like to distribute F&W Paris products in my shop. What is the procedure? Details
    We invite you to send us an email to [email protected] with your shop name, address, phone...


Fair & White Paris goes into action to preserve safety and security for everyone.

We have prepared this FAQ to answer all of your questions.

We will update it regularly to give you the last information.

Can I place an order on ?

The website remains open and shipping are still regulars for France and Europe.

Unfortunately some delivery options might not be available, because some carriers have suspended their activities or don't assure deliveries in some countries. You’ll be able to see all delivery options available to you at the checkout.

We ship again to Italy.

Will there be a delay in delivering my parcel?

Our team is doing its best to ship your parcel as soon as possible. Delivery time can be extended.

I placed an order with Mondial Relay, how can I get my order?

We would like to inform you Mondial Relay has suspended its activities from 17th March 2020. All Mondial Relay parcels already shipped are currently stocked in Mondial Relay warehouses until the end of quarantine. Once the quarantine wil be over all parcels will be delivered.

My order has been delivered to a pick up closed.

Your parcel will be kept safe in the pick up selected until its reopening. You will then have 14 days to collect your parcel.

What steps have you taken for safety?

The safety of our staff and customers is our top priority. Our logistic team has taken safety and hygiene measures in compliance with all Government instructions.

Customer Service

Our response time is little longer than usual. We are sorry for the inconvenience.  We thank you for your patience.

Take care!

Fair & White Paris team

Refund Details
    It takes usually 48h to 72h after we received your parcel. Then, it can take up to 7 days to see...
What is the difference between the body lotion and the Maxi Tone? Details
    The Maxi Tone lotion has a richer texture and a more targeted action.
What is the difference between the ranges? Details
    The ORIGINAL range is suitable for all skin types.
The EXCLUSIVE range is more recommended for...