World Leader in skincare for women of color
So White

Efficient and glamorous, your beauty skin care regimen! Discover our clarifying, and anti dark spots care products for colored skin with a sweet and delectable scent.

Original Glutathion

Discover the new skincare line designed to brighten the complexion and tone down pigmentation spots. Unique advanced formulas which contain Glutathione, a detoxifying agent, combined with the stimulating benefits of Vitamin C. For radiant, even-looking, moisturized skin with a revitalized look. 

So Fruity Papaya

You will absolutely love these sensory body care products with their sweet, ultrapunchy and revitalizing fragrance. Enjoy the effect it has on your skin: radiant, luminous and even-looking complexion. Discover an exceptional range of skincare products for a revitalized and deliciously beautiful skin in 3 steps!

1 Radiance Boosting Soap : Cleanse and Exfoliate

2 Radiance Boosting Serum : Target and Even Tone

3 Radiance Bossting Body Lotion : Sublimate and Brighten


The F&W family is growing with its new range: LaboDERMA, a general care range, focused on daily use.

With its anti-blemish duo and moisturizing body lotion, LaboDerma offers care for all skin types.

Original Lemon

Original Lemon, the winning duo of “Energy Fresh” shower gels.

With Lemon extracts, these shower gels immerse you in an incredible moment of tangy and refreshing freshness.

Its melting texture transforms into an energetic foam with revitalizing notes, to cleanse the skin and give it a feeling of beneficial freshness.


Created more than 15 years ago, the Original range offers quality products with proven ingredients designed for black and cross skins. Whether you wish a clarifying, a cleaning or a moisturizing product, they are a must.

Discover Original AHA, Aloe Vera & Carrot.

Gold Ultimate

A complete line of
18 exceptional skincare products
: Face & Body, Day & Night formulas. Making the very most of Gold line in 3 steps.

So Carrot !

Discover the new skincare line which unifies and boosts the skin’s brightness. A true refreshing punch to an outstanding skin. With So Carrot, my skin is So radiant!

Exclusive Whitenizer

These high-performing products are offered in luxury bottles and they meet the strongest requirements.

Exclusive Vitamin C

The properties of the EXCLUSIVE products are combined with Vitamin C in order to boost their brightening action thanks to ingredients that have proven their action against radicals and pigmentary blemishes.