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Exclusive Vitamin C

The properties of the EXCLUSIVE products are combined with Vitamin C in order to boost their brightening action thanks to ingredients that have proven their action against radicals and pigmentary blemishes.
Purifying Lotion | Exclusive Vitamine C
10.50 EUR
3 in 1 Lotion, fresh and light for mixed and greasy skins | 250ml
Exfoliating Soap | Exclusive Vitamine C
6.80 EUR
Exfoliating Soap for cleansing | 200g
Brightening Serum | Exclusive Vitamine C
10.50 EUR
Brightening serum for face and body | 30ml
Cream-Gel | Exclusive Vitamine C
7.80 EUR
Brightening cream gel | 30ml
Glow Energy - Premium Brightening Cream | Exclusive Vitamin C
18.90 EUR
Premium Brightening Cream Cream Face & Body | 180ml
Glycerin | Exclusive Vitamine C
13.80 EUR
Clarifying and antioxydating oil with Vitamin C | 250 ml
Body Lotion Power C | Exclusive Vitamine C
17.90 EUR
Brightening body lotion for a radiant skin with Vitamin C | 500ml
Powder C | Intensive 6 Week Treatment
37.90 EUR
Vitamin Cure | Helps Fight Spots
Silky Gel | Exclusive Vitamine C
16.90 EUR
Cream with a gel texture for face | 30ml
Kit Expert Anti dark spots | Exclusive Vitamine C
44.40 EUR
(-12.39%) 38.90 EUR
Pack of 4 products for a lighten and radiant skin
Kit Expert Clarity - For Face | Exclusive Vitamine C
37.90 EUR
(-12.00%) 33.35 EUR
Pack of 3 products for face - For a radiant skin