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World Leader in skincare for women of color

So Fruity Papaya, a deliciously fruity range with papaya extract, known for its antioxidant and radiance boosting properties!

Discover So Fruity Papaya, you will absolutely love these sensory body care products with their sweet, ultrapunchy and revitalizing fragrance. Enjoy the effect it has on your skin: radiant, luminous and even-looking complexion.

Radiance Boosting Soap | So Fruity Papaya
Exfoliating Soap | 200 g
6.60 EUR
Radiance Boosting Serum | So Fruity Papaya
Brightening serum for face and body | 30ml
9.25 EUR
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Radiance Boosting Body Lotion | So Fruity Papaya
Brightening body lotion for a radiant skin | 400ml
16.70 EUR
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